Japanese traditional dance!

I had a job today.

I made an announcement at a backstage of a Japanese traditional dance event in Ikeda city. All of the dancers performed excellently! I met the head teacher more than 15 years ago, and since then, I've been doing the job every year.

I'll show you a photo of one of the dancers!


a lovely Saturday!

My current English class is ending soon. I have only 4 lessones remained. So I've been thinking about what I'm going to do for the next term, from this spring.

So today, I observed a translation class in my English school, where Japanese teachers teach how to translate English into Japanese. It was very interesting! However, to my surprise, for 90% of the time of the class, only the teacher was speaking. The students didn't say almost anything. Students in the translation class are required to submit the translation drafts 2weeks prior to the class and the teacher make corrections on them. I think it's very useful for students. However, I also think I might be short of English conversation if I tried only this class. ummm... I have to think about what's the best way for me!

After observing the class, I met Takao and enjoyed lunch together. He had Hamburg steak with rice and miso-soup. I had croquettes. Then we took a walk along the Dojima-river.




It was a warm and beautiful day and the park was beutiful, too.

After walking for a while, we found an interesting scene.
It was homes for homelesspeople built beside the river at the park. Their houses were set up by cardboards and vinyl sheets. Actually all of the houses were pretty well-built. We were somehow impressed with that.




Some homeless people seemed to even take care of cats!


Finally, we reached a fashionable Italian cafe, where we enjoyed some pieces of cake and glasses of tea.


It was a really lovely day!

what am I going to do with English?

I'm going to have an end-of-term guidance tomorrow, where my teacher and I talk about what I've done in my class, what I need to do to improve my English, and what I'm going to do the next term. What....? I don't know for now....!

I'm interested in translation a bit. But I'm not confident. I feel I'm not qualified enough. I don't have ... a kind of goal of learning English. Should it be my hobby or job in my future? For me, hopefully, it's a way to communicate with people. But as I continue to learn English, I feel I must have more specific purpose or something. I don't know, but I feel I am urged to have it. Should I? I don't know....

When we continue to do something, we sometimes need to refresh ourselves, and then get motivated again. I've been thinking about it these days.

Music, English, my life, my family, our future ..... Thinking about a lot! Spring is the time which makes me think about my life and my future.

Its been warm these days.

I think Spring is knocking on the door! It's been getting warmer for the past few days. We don't need a thick coat any more maybe, and I hope so!

What are you going to do in the coming Spring? I want to see lots of flowers, make a trip to new places, wear colourful cloths, and learn new things!

Spring brings my favorite sport, too. That's bat-and ball!
The World Baseball Classic starts soon. The Japanese professional baseball season starts soon, too. I'm very excited about those! I can't wait for spring!

The Olympic Game has started!

Are you excited about the Turin Olympic Game? I am!!
We both are short of sleep!

My favorite is fugure skating! In this game, a Japanese woman has been performing in a pair figure skating as a player for America. Her name is Rena Inoue. She used to be a representative for Japan in the past 2 Games. After that, her father passed away after a struggle with lung cancer. Later, Rena herself got a lung cancer. She went to the U.S., where she got madication for her cancer. She once gave up skating but her partner encouraged her not to give up her dream.

Yesterday, they performed very well at the short program. They were ranked in 6th. I hope they perform well in the free program as well without any slight of feeling of regret!

As for the opening ceremony, I was surprised to see Yoko Ono's appearance. "Imagine"... "Peace".... It was English, not Italian! I respect the director's decision. He said at the interview after the ceremony, "I chose it for spreading peace in the world" I also liked how they closed the ceremony, yes, they put Italian Opera theatre at the end of the ceremony, it's very Italian!

I'm sure I'll be being short of sleep for the next 2 weeks!

had a good rest.

It's been a little while since I wrote something here. I don't know why, but sometimes I can't write anything in English. A state of tiring of English. Yes, it sometimes happens. So let's write something today! It's about time!

Yesterday, I went to the nearby library and borrowed two books written by Truman Capote. I first knew his name when my friend introduced the movie "Capote". Later, I learned he was a friend of Harper Lee, who is an author of my favorite book, "To Kill a Mockingbird". I was interested in him more and more. A few days ago, Oscar nomination was announced and I knew the movie "Capote" got several nominations.

When I found his name on the bookshelf at the library, I was surprised to see one of the titles. It was "Breakfast at Tiffany's"!! I didn't know he wrote such a famous story!! I saw the movie. I thought I had to try to read this and borrowed his books.

Among two books, there are 5 stories; "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "House of Flowers", "A Diamond Guitar", "A Christmas Memory", and "Answered Prayers". The "Answered Prayers" is his last work and is unfinished. I'm not sure if I could read all of these but I'll try!

Homework for tomorrow.

Hi everyone!
One of my homework for tomorrow is answering the following questions and preparing my own views. I tried. It was so difficult! I think all of my answers are in gray zone. Is it not good? ummm... I don't know! But it was a good time to think about these difficult issues. I'll put my thoughts here for the record.

Homework 2/2/06

1.It is better to save money for a rainy day or spend it all?
I'd like save a certain amount of money, which can cover accidental expenses, such as hospital charges when I'm struck by a disease or an car accident, travel fees to my important people when they are in crisis. But I don't think we need to save a lot of money because we don't know exact when our lives are ended. So save a certain amount of money and spend the rest to have fun!

2.Should millionaires keep their money or donate it to charity?
I don't think they must or should donate they fortune to charity. Charity should be voluntary. People never know whether or not they want to give their fortune to charity until they deeply understand needy people's suffering. So we can't force any people to make donation.

3.Should family sizes be restricted, or should everyone have as many children as they want?
I think everyone should be allowed to have as many children as they want. But in fact, if you want all of your kids to have high education, it would be difficult for you to have a lot of children, lets say, 2 or 3 are good enough number practically. However, I also think higher education is not the only thing for people to be successful in their lives. So... it's up to you!

4.Should murderers and terrorists be put in prison for life or executed?
I'm basically against capital punishment. I think we can't decide anyone's life end point. It's beyond human's capability. However, I don't know how I would think if my mother or husband was killed. To be honest, I'm not confident if I could keep my policy then.

5.Should cars be banned from driving in city centres or should there be no restrictions?
ummm.. It's a tough question. In Osaka, too many cabs are getting a big problem. Taxi companies are competing by cutting the price. A number of cab drivers has increased dramatically. The drivers' income has decreased, as a result they work longer hours to get more money. They get exhausted and it may cause car accidents. Consumers get irritated by traffic jam. In my opinion, we need some restrictions to limit the number of cars entering city centres.

6.Should shops be open 24-hours a day 7 days a week?
Basically, it should be left to shops owners. They might open their shops all day if they think it's worth doing it. But we might need some rules of open hours in residential areas or educational districts to keep the environment safe.

7.Should every home have a computer?
I don't think so. Everyone has the right to have their own way of life. Actually, neither my husband nor I have a mobile phone and we are all right with it! Some people prefer living with nature rather than living in a modernized environment. It's a matter of choice.

8.Are people less polite and considerate than they used to be?
I wonder what it means by "people" here, worldwide or in Japan? If we look at situations in Japan, I think it's true in some ways, or I would say in positive ways. I see people became more friendly than they used to be. Especially, in schools, teachers and pupils can talk to each other more frankly. Also at home, parents and children became more friendly. The change has a lot of positive points. However, it can be a problem for adults to discipline their kids. It's good to be open-minded but sometimes we should draw a line. Children should respect their close adults, and also we, as adults, should always try to be respectable existences for our children.

9.Were the good old days better than the present day?
I don't think so. We can enjoy our current times. We should appreciate it. There is a saying that says, "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence". We tend to think people in other side are better. I don't think it's true. Every life has its positive aspects as well as negative aspects. I try to look at positive aspects of my life because the attitude makes me happier!

10.What is the best way to prevent crime?
A tough question, again....! I think one of the best ways would be better communication and mutual understanding. Crimes are often caused by misunderstanding or miscommunication between people. In modern society, we have less communication than we had in the past. It'd be more difficult for people to kill somebody who they know well. I'm talking about indiscriminate crimes, not domestic crimes. So let's get close to each other and we can prevent possible misunderstandings.

11.Is money the roof of all evil, or is it a blessing?
Money.... Too much money can be evil but we do need money to live. I don't think it's the roof of all evil. We need good knowledge how we can spend money wisely. Once we can get a good sense of how to spend it, it would be a blessing!


So... that's it! What do you think of these?
I really look forward to discuss these issues with my classmate and my teacher tomorrow!

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