Osaka Castle Park

Hello, everyone!
We went to Osaka Castle Park last Saturday. It was a very warm day. So we went there on foot! It took 1.5 hours from our house to the park.

When we got there, cherry trees in full bloom welcomed us at the entrance. It was surprising because cherry blossom was supporsed to bloom a week later according to the blooming forecast. Yes, in Spring, we have a cherry blossom blooming forecast in news programs. Why? Because it's very popular for Japanese people to see the trees and also have party under the trees!!



Some people were having a party under the tree!

A very cute train was running at the park. Kids and their parents were standing in a line to get on!


We met samurais!!


Bees were sucking a nectar from plum trees.

It was a lovely day!

We are the world champions!!!!

I can't believe it!!!!!

Japan became the world baseball champion!!!
The first champion in WBC!!!!

I'm soooooo proud of all of the players and the manager, Sadaharu Oh!!!

A sign of Spring!

On my way to the library, I found a beautiful plum tree blooming!


Isn't it beautiful? It's certainly a sign of Spring!!

Oh, before I forgot, a lot of thanks to the Mexican National team players!!! I'm sure all Japanese people feel deep and strong gratitude toward them!! There is a Japanese saying, "we can not put our feet against(toward?) them when we sleep", which means we owe them a lot of debt of gratitude! Some people even may think of visit Mexico to say thank them!!

Anyway, we are lucky that we got another chance to play with Korean team in San Diego. The game going to be a wonderful one!

Oh, last of all, Happy St. Patrick Day to all of you!!

Japan couldn't win...

I'm so disappointed at the Japanese national team's loss against Korean team in WBC.

However, at the same time, I was impressed by the Korean team playing so excellently! It was a really wonderful game. Thank you for the wonderful play!!

We sang all together!!

This is the photo of our chorus members.
We performed at the city cultural festival with a lot of happiness!


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