my daily life goes on....

It's been a long time since I wrote something here last.

I don't know where to start...
OK, I'll introduce my recent days.

The new term in my English school started 2 weeks ago. I take a class called "English Workshop", being held once a week, every Wednesday morning. We have a male British teacher and 8 female students in their 20's to 50's. I've enjoying this class because all the students are motivated and cheerful. I like the atmosphere very much. There are some who have grown-up kids and came here to find something new excited or make them improved. Or one has a new-born baby and came here to find her own time once a week away from raising up her baby while her mother takes care of the baby. Another runs NPO which helps foreign students to settle in Japanese society. Also there is an English teacher for kids. We have wonderful people who have various kinds of background so it's very interesting and useful for us to exchange information each of us brings to our class.

Apart from school matter, I've been enjoying listening to the Internet radio and my favorite program is of course The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC in NY. Now I'm looking forward to hearing from the regular host, Brian, who'll come back from spring holiday tonight.

What's more, I've been reading a mystery novel "the Murder Of Roger Ackroyd" in English, written by Agatha Christie. Now I've reached at the right middle of it. I can't wait for finding out who is the murderer!!

Oh, before I forgot, I felt very sorry when the White House Spokesman, Scott McClellan, announced his resignation. I thank him because he has been my English teacher in some means. When I started to look for any good places where I could learn natural conversations or questions and answers after learning ordinal English materials which I started to find a little bit boring, I found that the White House Website provides everyday basis press conferences between Scott and the White House press corps. I thought it was absolutely helpful for me, so I read the scripts out loud and afterwards listened to it, looked up new vocabulary, and listened to it again... I've done it as many times as I could. I couldn't do it not so often, but I found it so interesting because there was real dialogues. Sometimes Scott seemed to try to hide something(I don't know the fact though...), or didn't willing to mention what was going on.... and every time the press tried to make him reveal the hiding facts. I have learned from them a lot! So, in fact, I wrote to him a thank-you mail. I hope he will have a wonderful life with his family spending a plenty of time which he mustn't have been able to have while he has been in such a busy position.

My life is going on like this way.

I hope everyone had a great spring holiday and come back to a normal life with wonderful memories!





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