Let the whole world move forward.

I'm very glad that Japanese abductee's family gave heartful, or I should say heartbreaking, testimony in a joint hearing of House International Relations subcommittees.

I hate to say this but, OUR Japanese goverment have moved so slowly with this issue. I think it's about time for us, hopefully all people in the world, to move forward to tackle with this issue.

I know there are numerous important problems in the world. However, for the family, there is no time to put it off because the parents of the abductees have passed away one after another. It's very sad to see their painful deaths. I don't want to see it any more. Instead, I do want to see the scene, where they meet their daughters and sons, brothers and sisters, for the first time in decades. I believe many of the abductees are alive in a desperate situation.

I heard some of the family are scheduled to meet with President Bush at White House. It's going to be a great improvement, I believe!! Through this event, I want people in the world to see the situation deeply and start to help with each other.

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