What is peace?
How can we have true peace in the entire world?
I don't know...

When President Bush and PM Koizumi had a joint conference in the White House last month, Mr. Bush said, "The people of Japan can be proud of the contribution their self-defense forces have made in the war on terror, and Americans are proud to serve alongside such courageous allies." I felt uncomfortable with that. How can we be proud of our SDF's contribution for the "WAR ON TERROR"? I think we can be proud of that if our SDF have made contribution helping Iraqi people to maintain their normal lives. We can be proud of the humanitarian assistance by the SDF, but cannot be proud of doing so in the war on terror. I really hate the term, "war on terror". The words, "war" and "terror" are irrelevant.

Recently, one of our neighbor countries fired off missiles. Some experts say we must have the U.S. military in our country to protect us. They also say we should have stronger forces, stronger arms or weapons. Is it really so?? Should we really do like that? I don't want to understand that way.

On the next day of the missiles firing, as I was walking on the street in downtown, I thought like this, "If they now launched missiles to Japan, and hit right here I am walking, what could I do? Could I prevent it? No... Maybe not. I couldn't do anything. So then would I think Japan should go on war against them? No...!!! I don't want to live in the country where we have war against any country. Why have they done such a crazy thing? We should have U.S. military to protect our country? We will be attacked if we don't have them? I don't know! I rather die if we have to have war in our country or even in another country." .....like this. Am I wrong? I don't know....

Why does every country stop developing arms, nukes? And why do countries, which even have nukes, say other country shouldn't have it or shouldn't develop it? Why do they stop to have any arms first and say to other countries not to have arms? There is some contradiction here... for me... at least. Why should we have forces or arms to protect our country? Why? We have words, we have promises.... why can't we understand each other?

I don't know....

I want to learn a lot of things to know all of the reasons why we can't have true peace in the entire world. Can't we have true peace? Yes, we can! I want to believe that. Do want to believe that.


money and learning
Hi startrash!
Thank you very much for your interesting comment on such a complicated issue.
And forgive me that I'm late to reply you.

I've read your comment again and again and I deeply agree with your thoughts.

I want to write about two things.
I'm not confident if I can express my thought well but I'll try.

First, Money!
Why do we need money?
How much money do we need to live?
I ask to myself this question again and again.
And I've come to my conclusion.
I need money that is enough amount to live. In other words, I don't need more than I need.
So, I don't understand why some powerful people need so much money. Some people seem to even want much more than money they need. I don't know why.

Also, in the modern world, where we can go anywhere we like no matter how far is it (if we have the travel fare!).

This convenience seems to cause a lot of problems somehow. Because money talks differently depends on where it is spent. Currency rate.

Our world is unbalanced, unfair, which one of my ex-classmates, who was an African guy said.

If people continue fighting, or want to start any war, because of money, it the saddest thing in the world.
I don't understand, no.. I don't want to understand.
I know I might be unrealistic, but .... !

The second thought coming up to my mind when I read your comment, and also being in my mind always, is a wonderfulness of learning new things!

Yes, it's important to educate our children (our world's children!) to let the entire peace true in the future.

I have to confess that I hated geography or world's history when I was a student (a few decades ago!).

I thought like this:
"why do I have to learn world's history? What does it mean? No meaning! Because I don't think I can go to any other countries in my future. Traveling around the world is only for the rich people, not for me. So it's not my business. I'm Ok if I know only about my family, friends, and my city or even my country. It's enough. Geography? No I don't need it!!"

Like this. How shameful I was!!
But now, I have completely changed my perspectives! At some point of my life, I started to be interested in other countries and at the same time Japanese yen was getting strong and as a result it became easier for me to travel to other countries and I could make it a few times.

After knowing about other countries, after making friends who live in other countries, geography or history became relevant to me! Because it's not about learning by textbook but about real people, some of whom I know, some of them I love!

So communication is important, knowing other people is important and learning from each other is most important.

I'm sorry, startrash. My thoughts is always going around and never come to the finish point!

But, one thing I can say for sure is I'm glad to get your comment! Let me say thank you again here.

Oh it's past midnight, I have to go to bed now.
Talk to you soon, Startrash!

Good night!
Let's keep talking with each other!




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