reading through a book!

I read through a book, "The Dead Zone" by Stephen King, today! It was so interesting!

Actually I bought the book 3 or 4 year ago in Thailand when Takao and I visited there. It must be funny to buy English books in Thailand, but it happened. We happend to find a book fair where various books were sold by very reasonable prices. So I bought a few books. But to my sadness, my English ability then was so poor that I couldn't understand most of the expressions in those books. I had to give up reading all of them.

This year, I've read 3 paperbacks so far. After reading "To Kill A Mockingbird" in NY, although it was so hard for me to read through and I needed my electric dictionary all the time with me, I got sort of confidence of reading.

I read short stories after that, "Spooky New York". It was interesting, too. I found big differences between Japanese scarly ghost stories and American ones. American's are more light, and amusing, I think. Japanese stories are more grim, horrifying, kind of heavy..., I suppose.

And then, I felt like reading rather a longer story. I looked at my bookshelf and took "The Dead Zone". Previous time I could read it until 40-50 pages and stopped.. But to my surprise, this time, I could go on and on!! It was filled with real conversation between people. Sometimes I found some gross expression that I've never learned in English language schools. But I think I should know the kinds of expressions to understand what people talk about. I think reading books helps not only reading comprehension but also speaking ability, too. I feel very happy that I could read through it!!!! Maybe I'll find another to read soon.






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