"To Be Good Diplomats" (revised version)

My teacher checked my writing.

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi visited Yasukuni Shrine on Monday morning despite strong objections from China and South Korea. This time, he emphasized his visit not as the leader of Japan but as an individual. Following his promise to make annual visits and showing them to be personal, Mr. Koizumi wore an ordinary suit compared to a formal one in his previous visits.

Looking at one of the strong reactions against it, China has announced it will cancel the top-executives' upcoming meeting. We don't yet know whether or not we will see any worse effects from it in the future.

I'm not an expert on the international relationship between Japan and Asian countries. I'm just sad about desperately repeated conflicts with the two neighbouring countries, both of which we really want to get along with. The violent demonstrations against Japan that occurred in China this spring were memorable for me. It gave me a strong impression because I was not in Japan but in the U.S. at that time. I was in New York to study English. I want there this spring and spent three months. When the movement occurred suddenly, I felt sad and isolated at the same time. People on the street in NY seemed not to care about Asian issues at all. The mainstream media didn't mention it for at least the first few days. I felt that only I was worried about it. I have a few friends living and working in China. I thought about them being in danger in a foreign country. There was a long-distance between us. I couldn't do anything for them except praying. Tears came out as I walked on the street.

After a lot of tears, I got helped out by the countries' people, who were my classmates. One day while struggling with the feeling of isolation, I had dinner with two of my classmates, a Korean and a Chinese. In our class, there were students from all over the world. We, Asian students, gradually get united with each other under the circumstance. We could relate to each other because of having similar cultures and customs in many ways. On our way to the restaurant, we shouted out, "Oh, we all are Asians!! That's great!" I talked about the difficult situation with the Chinese classmate later on. To my delight, she loves Japan! she told me about her visit to Japan and how much she loves my country. I was really glad to hear that and my sadness went away. We became really close friends.

What I learned by the experience is that any difficult problems between us would be solved if everyone were a good diplomat. I believe we can make a wonderful relationship with every Asian nation in the near future. Each nation's effort is definitely needed. Also I want Mr. Koizumi to think about what he can do for the better relationship apart from his personal religion because he cannot just think of his personal matters as a leader of a nation. But at the same time, we should keep in mind that we shouldn't only leave everything to our leader but also sincerely try to solve any problems by making individual efforts. I want to be a good diplomat myself!

I didn't know "individual" is not only a noun, but also a adjective!




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