Two classes on Thursdays

I have two English classes every Thursday, the afternoon class and the evening class.

Our teacher got sick and absent from the afternoon class today. I heard she's had a terrible cold. Really hope her quick recovery!!

So the substitute teacher came and taught us. He then asked us to introduce with each other. We have only 3 students in this class, a man and 2 women(including me). A male student started to introduce me to the teacher. To my big surprise, he didn't remember even my first name although it was our fourth meeting and we spent 2 hours each time. Yes, I have to admit that I have a bad memory, too. However, remembering only two classmates' names should be easy. Anyway, I told my name to him and he could start the introduction.

We mostly spent time to discuss a lot of issues. As the discussion went on, I noticed the fact that my classmates almost never call anybody's first name when they talk to each other. I mean, when they asked like, "what do you think about the violent scene in this movie?", they used only "you", didn't add somebody's name in the end like, "what do you think of it, Naoko?" something like that. I think it's is one of Japanese people's aspects. When I was in NY or other countries, people always added the speech partner's first name in every end of greeting or asking sentences. I hadn't been aware of it so strongly until today, but I realized I've come to try to call people's first name to respect them or to feel close to each other. When I speak in Japanese, and greet to my friends, for example, "Good morning!", we wouldn't add the partner’s first name in the end. Just say, "Good morning!", "Good bye". That's it! I think It's a part of our culture. I found it interesting!!

As for the evening class, we learned how to state our opinion smoothly and politely. One of the topics was asking the partner what he or she thought about the Internet and then we exchanged opinions with each other. My group was 3 people. Two people except me said they didn't like doing the Internet very much. And I insisted I loved it! And I added I even had my own blogs and also I enjoyed exchanging emails with my friends either in Japanese or in English. Our teacher overheard this dialogue and asked me, “Do you have your blog in English or in Japanese? ” I answered that I have both. Then he asked this blog's address. I told him about it with joy. Actually, I haven't yet had a chance to talk with him very much. I hope he will enjoy my blog and it'll help us develop a good relationship with each other!

It was really a great day today!




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