New vocab from Scott

I watched the Press Briefing with White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan. It's good for me to learn English language because I can see the video as well as the script. I heard the expression, "ongoing investigation" many many times! So I could memorize the expression!

New vocab;

* adhere to = (formal)to continue to behave according to a particular rule, agreement, or belief

(eg) Few people adhere to the guidelines.

* be versed in something = to know a lot about a subject, or to be skillful at doing something (well-versed)

(eg) He's someone that is very well versed in constitutional law and has a very public record for people to look at.

* speculate = to think or talk about the possible causes or effects of something without knowing all the facts or details (+on, about)

(eg) I'm not going to speculate about things like that.

* temperament = the emotional part of someone's character, especially how likely they are to become angry, happy, sad etc.

(eg) judicial temperament
She has a calm, quiet temperament.

* vouch for sb = to say that you believe that someone will behave well and that you will be responsible for their behavior, actions etc.

(eg) You say we know you -- and we do -- but we can't vouch for you; that's not our job.
Don't worry about Tom, I'll vouch for him!

* trailblazer = someone who is the first to do something, or who first discovers or develops new methods of doing something (similar to "pioneer"??)

(eg) a political trailblazer

* impartial = not giving special favor or support to any one person or group

(eg) a fair and impartial trial
The bureau provides impartial advice.

* prerogative = a right that someone has, especially because of their importance or position

(eg) Congress has the prerogative to raise taxes.
Obviously, it's the Senate prerogative.
It's always the President's prerogative to choose the team that best meets his needs for advancing his agenda.

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