finished recording

It is one of our biggest annual tasks.
We've just finished recording the practicing tape for our chorus members. We are going to appear our city's cultural festival next March. Our practices are held twice a month. It's not enough to remember the music. So before the performance Takao and I usually make practicing tape for the members so they can listen to it at home and sing with it!

We'll sing 4 songs.

First, I record the piano parts on the floppy disk by playing the electric piano(my electric piano has a floppy drive.)

Then we record singing parts. We sing the alto parts for 4 songs as I play the alto part by another keyboard, with automatically playing piano part by the electric piano. Then move on to soprano parts and finally we sing each part at once(Takao sings alto, I sing soprano).

Once we make mistake, we have to do it from the beginning. For example, we can't stop laughing or just make wrong announcement or sing wrong notes and so on.

It's so hard to be done!

And we've done it! We are very happy now!
We hope our member use it for their practice and enjoy singing at home!




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