Good Day!!

I had really a good day today!!!

I met my friend and had a teatime together this afternoon. I realized chatting with a female friend helps me go up!

I want to quickly mention what I saw, thought, felt, and read.... this weekend.

I read an article about "curveball" in LA Times. Have you heard of the word, "curbeball"? I hadn't. I read that and was really scared. It's was scary because it seemed true. If the "curveball" were the one of, or the only, reason of Bush's starting the war in Iraq...., it'd be horrible to think about!!

I saw a very old movie, "All The King's Men" (1949, USA) on Saturday. I was impressed with it. It's about an ordinal honest farmer who will later become a politician. He fails elections several times and learns how to win. He finally wins the election using money and violence. He changes his way of living a lot through his life as a politician. To fulfill his campain's promises, he gets dirtier and dirtier...., saddly enough!

It reminded me of the former Japanese Prime Minister, Kakuei Tanaka, who also came from poor farmer house and worked for his hometown folks after becoming a politician, became rather dirty, and finally was arrested.

The movie made me think a lot about what is the best way for politicians to make their people happy. If they take only an honest way, it would be difficult to fulfill the promises for a short time, might take decades or more.... So is it OK using dirtier ways to make people happy? ummmm... must be not! It's really a difficult question!

Oh it's time for bed!
Have a good night to friends here and a good day to everybody over there!!





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