Speaking about my "positive learning" experience

Homework for today's class was to make a short speech about my past experience.

We were given 5 themes and told to choose one of those.
The five themes are;
"character-forming", "soul-destroying", "near-death", "positive learning", and "disturbing".

I talked about "positive learning" experience. Like below;

When I got married, I was working as a data-entry operator for a department store. I was in charge of the data-entry section, so I worked very hard every day, from 8 am in the morning until often 10 or 11 pm at night.

My husband was working for a architecture company, but his job was not so hard as mine. So usually he got home much earlier than me.

My day-off was unfixed, usually on weekdays, while my husband took day-off on weekend.

As you can imagine, we had almost no time to communicate with. Even when we had little time to be together, we quarreled about small things instead of enjoying time.

After a year, I got a disease. Fortunately, it turned out to be not so serious, but I realized that my company did nothing good for me and also nobody got into trouble without me. So I quit the job.

Although we lost more than a half of our income, we became much happier. Because we had time!! Time to talk, time to cook, time to think about a lot of things together, time to learn, time to have a rest.

I think we need spare time more than spare money to lead a happy life.
Nothing is more valuable than time.


So, I'm satisfied with my current life very much!!




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