It must be....."per se"!!

I love the moment I find out something I've been looking for. Especially, as I listen to the radio in English every day, I find a lot of words or expressions which I hear millions of times, but I can't figure out the spelling, therefore I can't look up the word.

Today, I think I got one of these, which is "per se"!!
I'd heard somebody use it a lot of times and everytime I heard it, I'd gotten puzzled, "what's this??" Tonight, I heard it again... I thought I could almost guess the meaning and went to the dictionary.... "per say"? "parsey"? Finally, I met the expression "per se", and I think it's what I've been looking for!


per se (from Latin) = used meaning "by itself" to show that you are referring to something on its own, rather than in connection with other things

(eg) Money per se is not the main reason that people change careers.

The drug is not harmful per se, but is dangerous when taken with alcohol.


I think that's it!




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