Seijin-shiki - coming-of-age day -

Tomorrow is the coming-of-age day in Japan. It's National holiday.

In Japan, people at the age of 20 are accepted as adults. Each local municipality holds the ceremony for those who will reach this age during the year. The ceremony is called "Seijin-shiki". Some officials and guests give speeches for the young people. Nowadays, some youngster horse around, for example, stand up and shout out, begin to dance, drink, sometimes go up to the stage and intervene the speech. So it's been getting difficult for the speakers to give speeches normally.

The ceremonies are held in their hometown. I understand their minds a little bit. It must be school reunion so they must be happy to meet their old friends again. But.. it's still shameful. I hope all ceremonies are finished normally this year.

At the ceremony, many women wear Furisode-kimono, a special kind of kimono which has longer sleeves. And some men wear Hakama(traditional kimono for men, like samurai clothes).

As for me, when I was 20 on the day, I didn't go to the ceremony and went to somewhere with my boyfriend. I thought it was not so important for me.

Any way, my husband is happy to have a big weekend shortly after the New Year holidays!

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