Laurie's works!

I was really glad to see Laurie's comments this morning!

I first met her last spring at a chorus group in Manhattan. I joined them for the first time then. After the practice, it was almost midnight. I had to go my homestay home in Brooklyn but I was not confident if I could get the right train at midnight. Laurie and another woman were with me. I think they were going to get a yellow cab to get home at first. Then they knew I was a new-comer in NY and said, "Why don't we get subway tonight!". I was dilightful with their kindness and will never forget that night.

While we were waiting for the train(at midnight, trains run not so often, so we had time!), we talk a lot! I had a really good time with them! Oh, I remember that I met her only one time!! After that, we exchanged e-mails several times. The meeting was really precious time to me!

After reading Laurie's comments, I went to the websites of her work and was impressed with those! I want to share the joy with everyone here!

Laurie's music album "Diaspora Dreams"

You can check out a part of the sounds!

Laurie's website

You can enjoy her artworks here!!




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