Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Good morning, everyone! It's 9:30 AM on Monday.
And It's Martin Luther King Day in the U.S., right?

On Brian's show, they are going to do a 1-minute-reading segment about social justice, where any listeners call in and read any excerpts from newspaper, novels, poems or whatever, about social justice, to celebrate Martin Luther King Day. They do the reading segment every year but the given theme is different each year. I love the segment very much because I always love each person's selection and feel so happy as I listen to the lovely voices.

To be ready for the segment, I looked for the related English books when I went to the library on Saturday. Actually, I don't exactly understand what the "social justice" is. I think I understand it.... but not exactly. So I went to the English book section and looked for books whose titles include "justice", "identity", "ethnic", "discrimination", "race" and so on.

I tried to read some of those, but they were too difficult for me to get right. Anyway, I borrowed a book, "Racial and Ethnic Identity: Psychological development and Creative Expression". After coming back home, I read 20-30 pages, it took a few hours for me, and gave up! I was disappointed with my poor ability!!

Then next day, Sunday, I found interesting articles in NYT magazine!! "Shutting Themselves In" and "The Pressure to Cover".
The first one is about "hikikomori", which is quite a major issue in Japan. Some young people stay in his or her own room almost all day. Not going to school, not going out for meeting friends, not working. Some ask their parents to buy something to eat for them, some just come out from their room only when they pick up some food from the fridge. Often, the secluded life continue a few years or more than 10 years.

The second one is, I assume, written by a Japanese professor of Yale law school. The name caught me first, and I started to read it and I thought it was very interesting. It's about various kinds of "discrimination". And as a solution, people "cover" their identity somehow. And more... I haven't read them all yet. So I printed them out to read them on my way to school, or after school today!

I'm looking forward the 1-minute-reading segment on Brian's show tonight!




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